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Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Kimberly Process Certificate

1. Service Description

Kimberly Process Certificate (KPC) is a ducument that allows the diamond trading companies to export rough diamonds to countries which are members of the Kimberly Process scheme. KPC is a scheme that was initiated  in order to encourage legitimate diamond trade.

2. How do I obtain the service

  • Visit Mineral Affairs Division  (MAD) at MMEWR Headquarters
  • Telephone MAD

3. How do I apply for service

  • Book with MAD for the day and time for goods inspection
  • Fill in Form 1

4. Cost involved in obtaining service

  • P500.00

5.Where can I get more information

  • Visit Mineral Affairs Division  (MAD) at MMEWR Headquarters
  • Telephone.: (+267) 3656600, 365 7000, 3915311
  • Email


Service Branches:
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