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Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Geophysical data requests

1. Service Description

Geophysics Division acts as repository for all geophysical data/information collected in the country by the private sector and the government. As a result customers come to the department to request for such information. In addition the division provides geophysical advice on geotechnical, groundwater potential and mineral exploration as well as other geoscience related matters such as research and the applicability of geophysical techniques for different environments.

2. How do I obtain the service?


3. How do I apply for the service?

• Area of interest defined preferably by four geographic coordinates in degree decimal (e.g. 24.500o)
• Above coordinates must include projection information (e.g. WGS84)
• Type of geophysical data requested (e.g. aeromagnetic, Gravity, Radiometric, EM, etc.)
• Format of data (e.g. ASCII/line data, Grids, images, hardcopy/printouts)

4.How much does it cost?

Digital data: Grids (P40 per quarter degree sheet), Line data: P0.05 per line km

5.Where can I get more information?

Visit Department of Geological Surveys

The Director
Private Bag 0014
Telephone: +267 5330327
Fax: +267 5332013

For detailed information on this service visit:



Service Branches:
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