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Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
North South Carrier Scheme 1 Shutdown
North South Carrier Scheme 1 Shutdown
North South Carrier Scheme 1 Shutdown
The North South Carrier Scheme I (NSC I) pipeline has experienced a pipe burst upstream of Palapye. Due to this, the Water Utilities had to shut it down to carry out the necessary repairs and avoid any further damage to the pipeline. The shutdown will result in periods of no water supply in the Greater Gaborone area, even outside the water rationing schedule. The effects of the unavailability of the pipeline will set in at different times in the different areas of the Greater Gaborone as and when these areas deplete their stored supply. The shutdown will last at least three days from the 25th of May 2015. The North South Carrier Scheme I (NSCI) is a pipeline that transports water from Letsibogo Dam to the south of the country and supplies Palapye, Mahalapye, Serowe and the Greater Gaborone area. With effect from the 9th of March 2015 the newly commissioned Dikgatlhong Dam has been supplying water to these areas through the same pipeline, relieving the Lestibogo Dam. The pipeline from Dikgatlhong Dam to the south, the NSCII is still under construction and is scheduled to reach Gaborone in 2020.
The Water Utilities Corporation urges all water users to use the available water sparingly and adhere to the water restrictions which have been in effect since August 2012. For further information contact: The Corporate Communications Manager Tel: 360 4484 Contact Centre: 0800 555 555
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