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Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Minister and Permanent Secretary Address Staff
Minister and Permanent Secretary Address Staff

The Honorable minister, Dr. P.H.K Kedikilwe and the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Gabaake Gabaake recently embarked on tours across the country to address staff in the departments within the ministry.

During their address, the staff members were told about the ministry’s performance and to keep up the good work so as to work hard to retain the position.

Minister Kedikilwe told DWA staff members in Letlhakane and Gaborone that he was glad they have shown commitment to work despite the challenges they encounter during work. He said they should know and acknowledge that whatever service they are doing they are doing it for the people throughout Botswana and not government so if they delay in giving service they should remember it is the community suffering.

He praised them for coming up with social welfare initiatives where staff encourage and support each other, giving examples like Thothi ka Sego and the Letsibogo WITS project.

On the ministry’s performance, he said they should know that other ministries would like to unseat them therefore they should work hard to maintain the good position adding that it starts with providing essential service to Batswana at large.

He said the good results are due to teamwork and commitment by all.
In his address to department of Geological Survey staff in Lobatse, just like with DWA staff, Hon Kedikilwe urged them to work hard with a view to retain the 92 percent MMEWR scored to scoop first position. His Ministry, he said was the first to cross the 90% Rubicon. He cautioned that other Ministries will be equally working hard to unseat MMEWR. He gave a scenario of Botswana’s football teams which changed the championship of the league annually through focus, tenacity and hard work.

Furthermore, MMEWR was said to be rated highly because of taking follow-ups seriously, human resource was the first in staff development in supplying other ministries and that boreholes not used were released to the community for poverty alleviation initiatives.

He told them that MMEWR is hailed for executing projects seamlessly through regular monitoring as well as within time and budget. Process re-engineering was also said to be effective. The challenges that the Ministry has been encouraged to address include over extraction of sand resulting in land degradation and water desalination. The Ministry has also been urged to consider establishing an Environmental Division.

Staff was informed of the public’s high expectation, therefore there was need to think outside the box and step-up service delivery. The Minister advocated for teamwork and speedy resolution of grievances.


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