Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Regional Geology Division

The regional Geology Division is responsible for the following:

  • To undertake geological mapping throughout Botswana to produce geological maps and memoirs to assist in Mineral exploration and proper urban development. 
  • To undertake ground geoscientific research to better understand the regional significance of Botswana's geological framework.

To undertake scientific research to better understand the on-going geological processes that are controlling the different natural environments of Botswana, in particular, the dynamics of the Okavango Delta.

Economic Geology Division

The main responsibilities of this Division are as follows:

  • To evaluate industrial mineral prospects that could support local industry and reduce Botswana's reliance on imported raw materials.
  • To undertake regional geochemical surveys in order to lay down a foundation and provide targets for further detailed investigations.
  • To ensure proper management and utilisation of mineral resources.
  • To assist the Director of Geological Survey in the administration of the relevant parts of the Mines and Minerals Act as it relates to mineral exploration

Geophysics Division

The Geophysics Division of the Department of Geological Survey is mandated to:

·         Act as a repository to all geophysical data collected in the country. Such data is then copied to exploration companies and other users upon request.

·         Act as Technical Monitor of government funded geophysical projects or other projects with geophysical components.

·         Research into the applicability of various geophysical techniques within the range of geological environments found in Botswana

·         Produce geophysical reports and maps for distribution to the public private and other sectors.

Provide support to other Divisions in the department and provide advisory service to industry on specific geophysical projects.

Hydrogeology Division
  • Monitors the regional groundwater exploration programmes undertaken by the private sector to ensure that these programmes are properly run.
  • Undertakes research on major groundwater systems of Botswana to ensure proper utilisation of such systems. 
  • Maintains an accurate up-to-date database of all wells and boreholes in Botswana that will help in future groundwater exploration programmes in Botswana.
  • Conducts groundwater resources assessment and monitors changes in groundwater levels and quality.
  • Advises on the protection of groundwater resources from pollution and produces groundwater vulnerability maps.
  • Advises on investigations, planning and management of the use of water resources in Botswana.
  • Disseminate hydrogeological information to the public. 
  • Register drilled water boreholes and maintain borehole database.
  • Install, operate and maintain a national monitoring network of groundwater abstraction over the whole country to serve as an early warning system during periods of no recharge and/or heavy withdrawal of groundwater resources.
  • Administer parts of the water act
National Geoscience Information Centre

It was established in recognition of the importance and value of geological information to the welfare of the people of Botswana. Its main objectives/functions are;

  • To provide an integrated computer-based information management system of all geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and geochemical data held by the DGS.
  • To provide a better service to mineral exploration companies actively involved or interested in prospecting in Botswana.

To provide all sectors of central and local government with better access to data that is of relevance to environmental issues, urban development and general economy of Botswana

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