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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Rural Area Development Program

This programme benefits people who live outside at least 15 kilometres from established villages and settlements do not have access to basic social amenities and are generally socially and economically marginalized.


Who qualifies for support?


  • People who are citizens of Botswana
  • People who live in settlement with a population of 250-499
  • People who have no adequate water rights
  • People have no real access to land
  • People who are out of reach in terms of distance from generally available basic services such as education, health; extension, etc.


What kind of assistance do I get?


  • Five livestock (cattle) or
  • Fifteen goats
  • Those who qualify for destitution are assisted through the destitution programme.
  • RADS children are assisted with food, toiletry, clothing, bedding, and transportation.




















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