Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Old Age Pension

Old age pension is meant for Botswana citizens only. Eligible pensioners are required to register with Pension Officers at the District Commissioners Office and Post Offices.


The pension currently stands at P220.00 per month. This is subject to constant review.


  1. Who Qualifies?


One must be:


a)            Be a citizen of Botswana

b)           Have attained the age of 65

c)            Have a valid Omang



  1. How do I register


Applicants are required to register with the Pension Officers in all the Districts. Following registration beneficiaries who prefer to be paid their allowance in cash are issued with order books after four weeks. Beneficiaries are expected to present their order books during payment.


  1. Methods of Payment


Pensioners have a choice to access their allowance as:


·      Cash from Pension Officers at the Kgotla

·      Cash from Post Offices in areas where they are available

·      Bank credits in beneficiaries bank accounts  



  1. Who can appoint a proxy


A beneficiary who is unable to collect their old age pension due to;

·         Ill health,

·         Old Age or

·         physical disability


may appoint any person of his/her choice, preferably a relative to receive the allowance on their behalf. A beneficiary may revoke a proxy and appoint another if still necessary. Proxy must produce his/her Omang get the allowance.


  1. Life Declaration 

A beneficiary who receives the allowance through bank credit or through proxy is required to make a life declaration once in every three months, failing which the name is automatically suspended until he/she shows up, in which case he/she would be entitled to arrears.


  1. How do i access missed payments


·      A beneficiary who is unable to collect his/her allowance during payments is entitled to arrears which he/she has to apply for through the pension officer.


·      An old Age Pensioner who is serving a prison term or is on extra-mural sentence, payments are stopped up to the month he/she is released from prison or complete his/her sentence and he/she is not entitled to arrears for that period.


·      Arrears can only be claimed within a continuous period of twenty three months from date of application. Arrears beyond twenty three months is forfeited 




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