Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Home Based Care

The overall objective of Community Home Based Care is to provide quality care, counselling, psychosocial and spiritual support to the patients and their families in a home setting.

 Types of assistance

Food Basket

Patients receive food basket monthly that should be prescribed by Government Dietician or otherwise be derived from the existing CHBC standard food basket based on the condition of the disease and the nutritional needs of a eligible patient determines it.  There are mainly two types of patients, those on oral tube feeding and those not on oral tube feeding.

The cost of prescribed food basket for patients on oral tube feeding will be up to P1200.00 per month.

The cost food basket for patients not on oral tube feeding will be up to P500.00 per month.

The food basket determined by the dietician/ Medical Doctor should be reviewed after every 3 months, to monitor progress.


Transportation of needy CHBC patients’ checkups is coordinated and managed under the programme.  Vehicles purchased under the programme should be used for all transportation of the beneficiaries under this programme, through a joint venture of core service providers (Nurse/ Social Work) under the programme.


CHBC Coordinator and social worker should undertake repatriation of patients jointly.  A terminally ill patient should be accompanied by either a nurse or social worker depending on the condition of the patient.

Counselling is a crucial of the Community Home Based Care Social Safety net programme.  It is therefore embedded into the programme and must be carried out by the CHBC social worker at all costs.


   Patients registered


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