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Warning: Fire Hazard
Fire damage is the cause of thousands of Pula’s worth of damage every year. It is in this context, that the Batho Pele e-Bulletin team in­vestigated the role of fire sta­tions as they fall under Local Authorities. This investigation was characterised by the visita­tion of various fire stations and interviews with the public. The findings are as follows:


Mr. Alfred Maxon-Divisional Fire Officer Chobe, the main roles of the Kasane Fire Station are; Fire Prevention in homes and businesses, respond to pub­lic distress calls, inspection of structures and ensuring of occu­pational health and safety. Furthermore, Mr. Maxon not­ed that although the nature of fire fighting is a dangerous one, it is one that is necessary as it is a crucial facet to the health and safety of the citizenry.


Mr. Thomas Sereto- Head of Department Francistown Fire Station availed that their man­date is to; save lives, render fire services to the general public and business community, and provide ambulance services. In this context, Mr. Sereto availed that the Francistown fire station has a large catchment area which is characterised by; Tonota, Mathangwane, and their respective surrounding areas.

Public Views

During an interview Ms. Se­bapolo Lekukana, an entrepre­neur based in Ghanzi, shared her concerns with the Batho Pele team, relating to the lack of a fire station in her locality. 

She further revealed that in her establishment, which has already been damaged by fire, they have resorted to using small fire extinguishers to fight fires. Furthermore, Ms. Leku­kana went on to plead with her Local Authority to construct a fire station as the business community lives in fear of fire damage. 

In closing the public is re­minded to follow the following steps in the event of a fire:

F - Fight fire with available extinguishers

I - Inform others by sounding an alarm

R - Ring the Fire Brigade (998)

E - Evacuate the premises

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