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Time to say Goodbye
Time to say Goodbye 

Andrea Bocelli’s 1995 chart topping single, “Time to Say Goodbye” echoed in the corridors of the Ministry of Local Government, Corporate Communications Unit last week when the Head of Unit, Principle Public Relations Officer, Mr. Tigele Mokobi announced his resignation from the Public Service. News of his departure came as a total shock for the entire Corporate Communications staff at Headquarters. The announcement came at the height of the Units preparations for the launch of the Ministry’s corporate identity and Batho Pele multimedia initiative.

A somewhat reserved and self-assured leader, Mokobi had rallied his team to a frenzied and exciting marketing pitch for the launch and we had all rolled up our sleeves for what he had billed as our, moment in the sun, an opportunity for us to showcase to the world what we have achieved. It is therefore sad that our affable leader will not be with us when we celebrate the Units exalting achievements.

In a brief interview on his stay at the Ministry, Mokobi told the Batho Pele e-Bulletin that he is actually employed by The Office of the President and seconded to the Ministry of Local Government. He said his primary role at the Ministry was to develop a comprehensive communication strategy for the Ministry and lead its implementation. He said the strategy recommended the decentralization of the public relations role, which saw the employment of Public Relations Officers at all District Councils. This was followed by the revamping of the Ministry’s Front Desk Services which entailed establishment of Call Centre’s with toll free numbers.

He cites Events Management and Coordination as one of the areas that kindles a big sense of accomplishment for him. “We established Dikganarita as the Ministry’s events coordinating committee with a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility where we assist less fortunate members of the community. Since its establishment in 2008, Dikganarita have made positive changes to the lives of deserving community members everywhere the commemoration of the National Vision 2016 Awareness Month has been held. We have built and renovated houses, ablution facilities, installed potable water and established primary school orchards and community gardens,” he states.

Dikganarita are winners of the 2010 National Vision 2016 Awareness Month awards for championing the Vision pillar of, “A Companionate, Just and Caring Nation.” The committee went on to win the 2010 WITS Convention Award for their work towards the same pillar.

Mokobi however singles out the establishment of a robust broadcasting unit with the vibrant Batho Pele radio, television and e-bulletin programmes as the most celebrated accomplishments of his work in the Public Service. The programmes are the Ministry’s response to the emerging pervasive power of ICT and broadcasting media. They provide the Ministry with the opportunity to leverage the enormous power of broadcasting to disseminate the immense developmental news that resides within the Ministry to its audiences. In the short time of their existence, the Batho Pele programmes are now household names.

The extraordinary achievements at the Corporate Communications Unit were accomplished in the midst of enormous challenges, and Mokobi is grateful to all those who supported and encouraged him to overcome the challenges. He thanked his team for, “it’s never say die,” attitude to work and colleagues for their unwavering support. Mokobi said he was also grateful to his principals for the opportunities for professional and personal development that they have provided him over the years.

He concludes the interview by stating that while the Corporate Communication Unit is deprived of especially human resources and appropriate equipment he is thankful to fraternal friends, especially the Central Communication Committee in the Botswana Government Communication and Information System (BGCIS), the Botswana Police Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Botswana Television for their guidance and professional and material support.

As a parting shot he states that while circumstances compel him to leave, it’s never easy to say goodbye. He will always have fond memories of his stay at The Peoples Ministry and wishes his team and the Ministry all the very best in the future.

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