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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
The Ipelegeng Multiplier Effect
In the midst of the on-going challenge to provide sufficient jobs for the unemployed and underprivileged members of the populous, Ipelegeng still remains an essential programme that provides immediate short term relief measures as far as employment is concerned. It is in this context that, the Labour Intensive Public Works Programme thus encompasses feeding the beneficiaries of the programme which started in April 2012.

During a recent news gathering excursion, Batho Pele visited Thabala (Central District), Sehunou (Central District) and Francistown to find out the extent of the multiplier effect that Ipelegeng has on communities. Ms. Keasithabisa Ditheko from Thabala Village is a supplier of food rations to the Ipelegeng Programme under a three month contract. She entered into the contract after the Thabala Village Development Committee announced that, suitable applicants who had interest in supplying food rations to Ipelegeng workers in the locality were should submit application forms. She further availed that 18 applicants applied, and an elimination process was conducted which resulted in her winning the contract to supply food rations to Ipelegeng Workers in the Thabala locality.

When describing her daily processes, Ms. Ditheko availed that she prepares food rations for a total of 28 workers, thus she starts cooking food the rations at 5am, by 8am she is done cooking, and at 11am she delivers the finished product of fat cakes and juice to the beneficiaries. Working relationship was good with Ipelegeng workers and has never received a complaint.

When quizzed about, the quality of life she now enjoys as a result of the contract she won, Ms. Ditheko noted that with the funds she receives

she has been able to build herself a house and as such is happy to be part of this programme. “I am happy to provide food rations to Ipelegeng Workers because it has changed my life for the better.”

Ms. Beauty Kaiyu an elderly woman who was been working in the Ipelegeng programme for two years, from Boikhutso Location in Francistown, feels that Government should give the monetary equivalent of the food on offer, but understands that by being granted the monetary equivalent the food ration will be taking employment from another Motswana.

It may therefore be said that, Ipelegeng not only provides a temporary employment solution for the underprivileged. It is also imperative to note that, Ipelegeng creates multiplier effect in the sense that further employment is created, for those who qualify to provide food rations to the beneficiaries of the programme. Thus adding value to the lives of sectors of the community.


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