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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Siele Intervenes in Bogosi Dispute
After several attempts and postponements to engage Basubiya over their Chieftaincy dispute that has been raging on for some time now, finally the Honorable Minister of Local Government Peter Siele visited the Chobe area in an attempt to resolve the saga. Apparently, the furor is between two people (Chiefs) who are both claiming to be the paramount chief of Basubiya.

Bogosi ja Basubiya saga is between the two Kgosi Peter Johane Chika and Munitenge Moffat Maiba Sinvula of Parakarungu and Kavimba villages respectively. This issue has been going on for quite some time as attested by the Minister who remarked that his predecessor, Hon Minister Mokalake once tried to intervene but to no avail. “This is not the first meeting aimed at resolving this dispute as even former Ministers of Local Government have in the past attempted to resolve the matter but could not.

When briefing residents of Parakarungu, Satau, Kavimba and Mabele villages about his visit, the Minister said he was disturbed by the issue and that his wish is to see the end of it soon. I was also here at the beginning of the year where I met with the’ Ngamberas’ (uncles of the two chiefs) again nothing came out of the meeting as they failed to tell me who between the two is the real chief of Basubiya. Hence I came back this time to hear from you, the residents, as a way of consulting further because this, said the Minister is a very serious matter which needs to be handled very carefully.

Constitution of Botswana recognise Bogosi

The Minister, who was accompanied by DPS Local Governance, Mr. Keaja and Acting Director of Tribal, Mr. Tumelo Seboko, made it clear that he was not there to appoint them Chief nor tell them anything relating to such as that is not constitutional. The constitution of Botswana does recognize Dikgosi under Bogosi Act. It is only that these institution falls under the ministry of Local Government hence incumbent upon the minister in charge to see good governance as enshrined in the mandate of the ministry. “Kgosi ke Kgosi ka batho, e bewa ke morafe gongwe le gongwe, unless in areas where there is no recognized Kgosi, added the minister.

After hearing from the residents of the above mentioned villages, Hon. Siele further extended his consultation to Munitenge Kisco Maiba III of Namibia to get his views regarding the real Chief of Basubiya in Botswana as they were said to be related. He confirmed Sinvula as chief. Kgosi Chika had support in Parakarungu while the remaining villages backed Kgosi Moffat Maiba Nkonkwena Sinvula as the real Chief of Basubiya. The pro- Sinvulas had tangible as they had books and other material to back them up while it was not the case with the pro-Chika.

In the end, the minister with the information gathered, applauded everyone for their contribution and said they are still going to meet as government and consult the remaining areas such as Lesoma, kazungula, Kasane and Pandamatenga to make an informed decision that will lay to rest the matter that has literally divided the morafe.


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