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The Department of Social Services (DSS) attended and participated in the 2012 consumer fair themed Shop, Discover, and Explore from the 23rd to the 29th July. The main purpose of attending this fair was to market and promote the artefacts made by the social welfare beneficiaries from various districts nationwide and to enhance the sensitization of the newly launched poverty eradication programs which are premised on the rehabilitation of destitute persons.

During the ever popular Consumer Fair, DSS had two categories of stalls, i.e. Information stalls and Entrepreneurs stalls. The information stalls served as an information hub where various communique about the department, in the form of publications could be found. In an effort to raise funds for the beneficiaries of the destitute rehabilitation programme, the entrepreneur stall was characterised by exhibits from six beneficiaries from all around the country, and as such their wares were on sale to the public. Merchandise that was available for purchase by the public related to: Pottery, Leatherwork, Paintings, Beadwork, Textiles, Bee-Keeping and Basketry items. Other amusing products showcased were beads, shoes and bags made from recycled material.


Mr. Tshesebe Poifo a beneficiary, who is engaged in a bee keeping project in the village of Tshidilamolomo, commended DSS for facilitating a market at which they (beneficiaries) can sell their products and market themselves. Furthermore, he indicated that “through this initiative I have been able to network with different people and organizations and as such my business is well on its way to being known nationwide and abroad.”

The Principal Home Economics Officer at the Department of Social Services, Mrs. Tselakgopo commended the dedication, time and effort the beneficiaries took in making and developing their products, she further stated that “DSS through the People’s Ministry will continue to avail platforms where beneficiaries will be able to market their wares in the coming years.” To augment this, it must be noted that the public showed interest in knowing what type of services the DSS offers and were also keen to know about the products on display. The information stall attracted a lot of attention from foreign investors mostly members of the Chinese community who were charmed by the basketry and leatherwork and purchased most of the products in support of the beneficiaries.


The mandate of the Department of Social Services states that the Department will provide programmes for the empowerment and provision of improved quality of life for individuals, families and communities. As such it can be said that the exhibitions by DSS perpetuated the attainment of this crucial social safety net.


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