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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Robelela Hosts Vision 2016
The 1st September 2012 saw the official launch of Vision 2016 Awareness Month which was held in Robelela Village which is located in the Bobirwa Sub-District. The goal for this year’s commemoration was aimed at challenging organizations and individuals to showcase how they live the National Vision

The well attended event was characterized by the attendance of His Excellency the Vice President of Botswana, Hon. Dr P. H. K. Kedikilwe, Members of Parliament, Members of the Senior Subordinate Tribal Authority, Kgosi Seeletso, Deputy District Commissioner, Mr. M. Nfila, Vision 2016 Coordinator, Dr. C. Monkge, Dikgosi, councilors and the members of the public. The official launch of the Vision 2016 Awareness Month embodied stalls which were set up by stakeholders, to demonstrate how they render their services to the public, and as such linking services to the pillars of the national vision. These stakeholders included government departments, parastatals, private sector and communities.

During his keynote address at the launch of Vision 2016 Awareness Month, the Vice President, Dr Kedikilwe stated that this occasion gave the nation an opportunity to take stock of its achievements with a view to improve on areas lagging behind. According to the V.P, the choice of venue for this year’s occasion was appropriate as Robelela community is counted among the pioneers who are living the vision. He further availed that,“ the occasion will not only leave a long lasting impression on the people of this region but will also generate much interest and commitment to upholding the principles of the National Vision 2016 in their daily livelihood activities.”

Pillars of Vision 2016

Dr Kedikilwe said Vision 2016 concisely captures the wishes of all Batswana. He also noted that, “if we uphold the ideals of our vision, we will, without doubt, remain successful, relevant and competitive in the global arena while leaving behind a track record for future generations to emulate.” In addition to this, He said living the Vision entails adhering to the prescriptions of all the seven pillars of our vision from the Educated and Informed Nation through to the Unified and Proud Nation. He also stated that today as a country, we are able to confidently talk about a wide range of successes under each of the seven pillars of Vision 2016.

On his part, the Vision 2016 coordinator, Dr Monkge stated that as Vision Council, “we are appealing to the whole nation to continue to support the campaign to live the National Vision.” He also noted that to further promote the internalization of Vision 2016; the Vision Council has introduced the annual awards to stakeholders and members of the public who have successfully demonstrated ownership of various 2016 pillars.

In keeping with the spirit of being a compassionate, just and caring nation The People’s Ministry contributed to the launch through the connection of two (2) standpipes in two yards and the fencing of one of these yards. Furthermore, The People’s Ministry maintained its mandate of Batho Pele by constructing two bus shelters in the village of Robelela to avail residents a comfortable place to wait for public transport.


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