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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Respect Children’s Rights
Siele edges residents  to respect children's rights

“There is nowhere in the Children’s Act, 2009 where it is categorically stated that parents should not discipline their children, but that discipline should be applied in a manner that does not erase their rights. Even in the Bible it says “whom the Father loveth he correc-teth, said Honourable Minister Siele.

During one of the many interactive meetings with members of the public, the Minister visited Tsolamosese in Mogoditshane in his endeavour of fulfilling The People’s Ministry’s value of providing people centered services. The Minister has been going around the country addressing members of the public and local government staff on services provided by his ministry and to get firsthand information of their concerns and how/where the ministry can improve on its service delivery mandate.

The residents complained of social ills relating to the indiscipline of children, teenage pregnancies, fathers/mothers who are not taking care of their children leaving all the responsibility to the government and other development concerns. They cited internal roads which are in bad state and lights to be looked into because without these, “other developments would be a far cry”.

In response the minister preached significantly about children’s rights. He said that children too, have rights that need to be respected. Basic rights such as the right to shelter, food and clothing are a necessity to children (Children’s Act of 2009). “A bana ba kgalemelwe bagaetsho, mme ditshwanelo tsa bone di tlotlwe”. He availed that there are professional institutions available for both parents and children to seek professional help such as Child line and social workers. He encouraged parents to stop abusive language when scolding children and advised them to bring up their children under God’s guidance to curb some of these social ills. He also encouraged child discipline as it moulds a child into a better and responsible citizen.

The visit was characterized by a large turnout perhaps an indication that people want to hear what the government has to offer that can help better their lives. On developments, the minister cited corruption, the economic meltdown’s impact on the public service and its delivery. “Our economy is shaped by other global giant economies, especially with regard to diamonds, which is the main source of revenue to our country. When these economies shrink, it directly affects us and this affect our development plans. Gov-ernment is trying despite the circumstances.

Area MP, Hon. Masimolole thanked the Minister for the visit and raised concern about infrastructural developments in the village. He said the village is growing very fast and services needs to be at par with the ever rising population.

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