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Re A Nyalana stages mass wedding
The small village of Mmaphashalala last Friday witnessed the Re a Nyalana initiative live in their village as twenty-six couples tied the knot.

Re A Nyalana stages mass wedding

The small village of Mmaphashalala last Friday witnessed the Re a Nyalana initiative live in their village as twenty-six couples tied the knot.

Guest speaker, Assistant Minister of Agriculture and MP for Serowe North, Hon Kgotla Autlwetse thanked Honourable Tshireletso for being present to witness the marvellous view with him and revealed that it was his hope that the initiative could also spill to his constituency. He applauded the newlyweds for seeing it befitting to dignify themselves by joining the initiative and getting into the sacred covenant.

He said that it was common knowledge that when people cohabit and pass on, their children are deprived of what is rightfully theirs by the families of the deceased. He called to order those who say that these weddings are an Ipelegeng initiative and applauded those who turned a deaf ear to this mockery and joined the programme anyhow.

Hon Autlwetse appreciated men and women who stood in their best dresses to make an oath before God to stay together in the inexpensive wedding. He said, getting into this wedding does not call on you to take loans and throw a lavish ceremony but rather you took to this inexpensive but lawful route.

He cautioned the newlyweds to be vigilant to never let anything come between them or their newly found happiness. He said, “Tshimo le fa ele kgologolo ea tlhagolelwa. Mhero wa ntlha mo lenyalong ke mme kgotsa rre yo o tswang ko ntle a tsena mo lenyalong. O ja go feta beng mme fela jaaka mhero mo tshimong o sa itse gore mogoma o tla leng, o netefatsa gore ere fa o tla o bo a jetse ruri.”

He cautioned them to desist from taking the divorce route as that was the work of the devil. He said to truly attest that this is the work of the devil, during divorce proceedings there is no prayer and no bridesmaids or groomsmen. In conclusion he said he was fortunate to have witnessed the weddings and said he hoped the initiative would spread like wildfire across the country!

To end the day’s proceedings, the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Botlogile Tshireletso also congratulated the new couples who tied the knot during the mass wedding. She said Botswana recognises the importance of family hence the Government emphasis on family building.

She applauded the programme coordinator Ms Annah Motshidisi Morwaagole for her patience through marriage formalities that make a lot of people remain unmarried. This is a great way to making sure children are protected and their estates remain untouched once their parents pass on. She added that marriage also ensures that children share the same last name and that also gives the children dignity.

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