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RADP Pitso Successful
Consultation is vital on RADP issues

During his keynote ad­dress at the Rural Area Development Pro­gramme (RADP) Pitso held in Ghanzi on the 20-21 October 2011, Honorable Minister at The People’s Ministry L.T. Mokalake availed that “The Remote Area Development PITSO is aimed at consulting all the relevant stake­holders on Remote Area Develop­ment issues.

Hon. Mokalake noted that the Pitso is aimed; at providing op­portunities for stakeholders to exchange ideas, devise strategies and provoke thoughts on the way-forward for improving the livelihoods of the Remote Area Communities (RACs).

The RADP PITSO, was held under the theme; “Building Resilience Among the Remote Area Com­munities: Harnessing the Future Together” and as such its objec­tives are to:

i) Consult stakeholders on Remote Area Development Programme issues for consensus building;

ii) Strategize on emerging issues affecting the Remote Area Devel­opment Programme;

iii) Refocus the Remote Area De­velopment Programme to be a community led strategy for sus­tainable livelihoods.

In providing a historical back­ground on the RADP, Hon. Moka­lake mentioned that “The Remote Area Development Programme was launched in 1978, to replace the Basarwa Development Pro­gramme. RADP has thus been characterized by a shift from the ethnic identity of beneficiaries to their geographic location, target­ing all people that live in remote areas.”

It can therefore be said that, this shift was done in recognition of the fact that RACs geographic lo­cations predispose the residents of these localities to inadequate access to basic services and as such this is a hindrance to their development and poverty reduc­tion.

In short, RADP is aimed at creat­ing sustainable social and eco­nomic development for people in remote areas, through a coor­dinated and integrated approach. This approach is therefore charac­terized by, various components which include provision of; water for domestic and livestock use, development of health facilities and primary education facilities.

The RADP PITSO was characterized by the encouragement of the various stakeholders to think outside of the box. This was said in the context that, RACs have not been blessed with developments, due to their geographic location as compared to the rest of the na­tion.

As such this “thinking outside the box” relates to the development of initiatives which will avail de­velopments to RACs, and in this context help them realize the am­bitions of Vision 2016.

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