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Pilediwa e a lwela
The 18th -20th September 2012, saw hordes of citizens descended upon the respective villages of Sehunou and Motshegaletau, to attend the second Poverty Eradication Workshop which was held under the theme: “Empowering citizens to step out of poverty”.

The well attended workshop was characterised by the presence of His Honor the Vice President of the Republic of Botswana Dr. P.H.K. Kedikilwe, the Poverty Eradication Taskforce, Assistant Ministers from various Ministry’s, Members of the Diplomatic core, Council Secretaries, District Commissioners Councilors, and other stakeholders. During his address the Vice President noted that “we are gathered here today to empower Batswana and provide them with a means of eradicating poverty from their lives”. Furthermore, the VP availed the purpose of this workshop is to assist communities to become more self-sustainable and thus less reliant on government social safety nets. This was said in the context that government has realised that government hand-outs perpetuate a culture of dependency and as such this is detrimental to the economic development of Batswana.

The concept of “don’t give a man a fish, but rather teach him how to fish”, could not be more emphasised at the workshop, as it was bolstered by testimonials from beneficiaries that had benefitted from various Poverty Eradication Initiatives such as Backyard Gardens, LIMID, ISPAAD and alternative packages. Furthermore this concept was perpetuated by the attendance of District Leadership who obligated themselves to providing avenues for the beneficiaries to sell their wares and as such sustain themselves and their families.

In conclusion it can be said that a visible footprint has been left in Diphuduhudu and recently Sehunou/ Motshegaletau as the nature of these workshops is to engross communities in seminars that will help them manage their new small businesses efficiently and effectively not only for the benefit of their immediate families but for the benefit of the whole community, as such business have the potential to have a multiplier effect.

In his conclusion he said "dont give a man a fish,but rather teach him how to fish"

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