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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
PSP Addresses Discrict Leadership
The Global Competitiveness Report has for the past five years consistently ranked ‘poor work ethic’ as one of the most problematic areas of doing business in Botswana.” This was said by Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Mr. E. Molale whilst addressing district leaders in Gaborone recently. Furthermore, PSP availed that this phenomena has over the years been a major concern as it has had a negative effect on service delivery to the citizenry.

In attendance were, representatives from; Office of the President, Attorney General’ s Chamber, DPSM, National Strategy Office, PS Local Government and Rural Development- Mr. B. Khumomatlhare, DPS- Mr. S. Keaja, Council Secretaries, Town Clerks and District Commissioners.

During his address, Mr. Molale availed that “according to the 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey (Botswana Public Service Customer Satisfaction Survey Report, 2009) 27% of the surveyed customers gave an excellent and very good rating to the public service in Botswana compared to 26% from the 2005 survey results. This clearly shows that our value system is deteriorating rapidly.”

It is in this regard that the Government of Botswana implemented reform initiatives to raise the production and performance bar of the public service. Specifically the Government introduced Performance Management Systems (PMS). Mr. Molale revealed that “despite the introduction of these reforms, there are still complaints by the customers on the quality of the service being provided.” Therefore, the National Strategy Office (NSO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) has come up with a Public Service Delivery and Performance Improvement Initiatives to monitor and enhance public service delivery across the country.”

He further said that District Commissioner Offices are the key in ensuring public service delivery and improvement at the district level hence the implementation of this initiative will be coordinated by the District Commissioner offices.

PSP Molale encouraged leaders to desist from engaging in practices which do not add value to the lives of the customers they serve. PSP Molale further availed that, not adhering to schedule time, negligence, corruption and poor customer services are hindrances to the attainment of Governments respective mandates and as such these practices should be abandoned

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