Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
PPPs for OVCs
speaking at the November 2010 National Child Care Donor Forum, the then Assistant Minister of Local Government Hon. Kentse Rammidi availed that “the Ministry of Local Government is responsible for the provision of Social and Community Development services but is limited in its capacity to implement especially with regards to children.” He further revealed that the wellbeing of children is threatened by some social, economic, and psychological problems which include early assumption of parental responsibility abuse, exploitation and neglect.

The way forward at this forum was that Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) be broadened to buttress child care in the Republic.

It is in this in this context that, the 2012 National Child Care Donor Forum was held under the theme “Doing better and more with less: Towards achieving sustainability in child care service provision”, and as such was characterised by the attendance of Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Private Sector Companies, Representatives of the National Children’s Forum and various government departments and ministries. At this juncture it is imperative to note that the premise of the Child Care Donor forum is, to build long standing partnerships with the donor community which is represented by the Private Sector, Development Partners as well as parastatals as a way of broadening the resource base for children.

The importance of the above mentioned partnerships was further emphasised by Hon. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Peter Siele, during his key note address when he noted that “the theme of this year’s forum is in line with Government’s drive towards promoting PPPs as a way of increasing the current resource base. Furthermore, it is in this spirit that Government has forged partnerships with stakeholders ranging from development partners, private sector to local and international NGOs.”

 Hon. Siele went on to state that government is faced with a challenge of having to provide facilities for orphans and vulnerable children to enhance their development, survival and safety. These structures include places of safety for children in need, substance abuse rehabilitation centres, recreational facilities, and legal aid for children. It is in this context that, Hon. Siele availed that MLGRD has availed P4, 279, 999.35 towards the provision of quality services but this amount is pint-sized compared to the needs of the various organisations this funding is divided amongst.

When briefing the attendees at the forum, Ms Karabo Loeto- Chairperson of the National Children’s Forum noted that “Botswana’s National Vision dictates that by the year 2016, Botswana should be a safe and secure nation for all.” She emotionally emphasised that, pillar encompasses all members of society including children and as such, campaigns need to be put in place to facilitate the empowerment of children and as such provide them with protection from phenomena such as rape, defilement and physical and mental abuse.

In closing it may be said that, Public Private Partnerships for child care in Botswana are crucial as they provide the necessary financial, technical and material assistance needed to curb the incidence of OVCs in Botswana. Furthermore, it must be noted that no one entity can fight the problems affecting the children of Botswana, as such it is appropriate to say “Kgetsi ya tsie e kgonwa ka go tshwaraganelwa.”




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