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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Ministries Join Hands in Construction Pitso
The People’s Ministry and the ministries of Infrastructure Science & Technology, Lands and Housing, Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and Transport & Communication joined hands in co-hosting the fourth Construction Pitso in Gaborone yesterday. This marked a profound milestone in as far as performance of the construc­tion industry is concerned in Bot­swana.

The Pitso which attracted hordes of influential decision-makers from Government and parastatal entities and distinguished experts from the construction industry con­verged primarily to discuss pertinent issues relating to construction in Botswana.

“The other objective of the Pitso was to facilitate the building of a mu­tual understanding and confidence as well as the sharing of experiences for the benefit of the country, said Mr. Jefferson Siamisang, Acting PS at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technol­ogy in his welcome remarks. The collaboration, which chose the theme; Constructing the Economy through Strategic Partnership, could not be overemphasized. “It should be noted that the co-host are ministries which are also involved in various construc­tion activities” noted Mr. Siamisang. 

According to Mr. Siamisang, “the Ministry of Local Government has a critical mandate through its local authorities of mak­ing sure provision of basic physical and social infrastructure such as rural water provision, primary health care, education and roads are met". 

When officially opening the event, the Minister of Infrastructure, Science & technology, Honourable Johnnie Swartz expressed gratitude regarding this year’s Pitso saying “It ushers in a new era where all government ministries engaged in some form of construction activities work togeth­er with their stakeholders to address issues of mutual interest.“

Hon. Swartz further availed that his ministry and the co-hosts draw from the same pool of consult­ants, contractors and other service providers in the market and there­fore share the same interests and challenges in the industry. Furthermore, Hon. Swartz called on project managers, con­sultants and contractors to do a thorough planning for all projects to curb high escalation of prices as a result of poor planning. He decried a lot of projects that are completed without provision of requisite sup­port services that end up being white elephants. 

In conclusion the Minister im­plored the participants to rigorously discuss the pertinent issues and come up with workable or actiona­ble recommendations that will ben­efit the country constructively in the construction industry.

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