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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Meetings with a difference
Meetings with a difference

In an effort to fulfill The People’s Ministry’s value of provided people centered services, the Hon. Minister of Local Government, Mr. Peter Siele held interactive meetings with members of the public and local government staff.

The first of these meeting was held at the Old Naledi Kgotla on Monday, which was characterized by the attendance of high ranking local government officials i.e. Permanent Secretary Mr. B. Khumomatlhare and his deputies, District Commissioners, the Mayor of Gaborone, Council Secretaries, Town clerks, Tribal Secretaries, Councilors, Departmental Directors, media and the public.

The well attended event served as a feedback mechanism for The People’s Ministry in the sense that the residents of Old Naledi were given the opportunity to voice their opinions about The People’s Ministry and the services provided to them by the Gaborone City Council.

Some of the burning issues that were raised by the residents of Old Naledi referred to poor infrastructure management, Ipelegeng, Water Sector Reform, use of open spaces but to name a few.

In response to the concerns raised by the public about the poor management of infrastructure Council officials said that they are currently suffering from the current economic crisis economic crisis and as such the maintenance of infrastructure has been delayed but, maintenance issues will be addressed even though it may take some time.

With reference to Ipelegeng, the Hon. Minister noted that Ipelegeng is a temporary employment solution and as such meetings are under way to see how it can be improved.

The ongoing water sector reform also caused great debate in the context that many residents complained about not understanding why it takes long for water connections to be established whereas before the transference of water services to WUC this service was provided in a timely manner. It was availed to the public that every major transference of services has teething problems and as such patience should be exercised.

In a separate interactive meeting, Hon. Minister consulted Local Government staff in the South East District Council, on critical issues relating to; Corruption, and the economic crisis’ effect on the public service. With regard to corruption, Hon. Siele availed that corruption acts as a hindrance to service delivery and it taints the good name of government institutions.

Furthermore, Hon. Siele told the attendees who filled the venue that, The People’s Ministry has established units which are known as Anti-Corruption Units to root out corruption in the ministry and as such attain its mandate of being a transparent organization. With regard to the current economic status of the world at large, Siele availed that NDP 10 has a workforce reform which states that the size of the civil service is too big and as such a zero growth resolution has been taken.

It can thus be said that the endeavor to become a people centered organization has driven The People’s Ministry, to this new form of consultation. It has however been noted that interactive meetings are appreciated by the participants as they now have a platform to voice their com-plaints, compliments and queries to the officials responsible.

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