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Malema stays put
In February 2012, the Minister of Local Government, Hon. P. L. Siele appointed a Task Force to investigate the controversy surrounding Bogosi of Babirwa after several attempts by Bangwato Tribal Authorities to resolve the impasse failed.  

When addressing the well attended kgotla meeting at Bobonong on Saturday 20th October 2012, Hon. Siele stated that the Task Force collected information through interviewing principal and relevant stakeholders like Dikgosana, Ex-members of parliament for Bobirwa and kgotla meetings in the main villages in Bobirwa like Bobonong, Molalatau, Gobojango, Tsetsebjwe, Semolale and Mathathane. He further availed that voluntary interviews were also conducted in Bobonong and Gaborone where relatively reliable information was drawn from elderly Babirwa in these places.


kgosi Mmirwa Malema's Chieftaincy

The current chief, Kgosi Mmirwa Malema’s chieftaincy is been challenged by chief representative Kgosi Adam Masilo of Sekoba ward and Kgosi Onketetse Serumola of Serumola ward who alleged that the Babirwa bogosi belonged to them.

During his address at the well attended kgotla meeting, Hon. Siele noted that, “Kgosi Malema’s term of office will end on 30th September 2015 in accordance with his appointment letter.” He also noted that Barirwa should determine the succession of their bogosi when Kgosi Malema’s tenure of office comes to an end. To augment this, Hon. Siele availed that Kgosi Malema could not be deposed from the position because he had not committed any offences that could force the government to sanction him from his duties; therefore Malema will stay in power until the year 2015.

Moreover, Hon. Siele stressed that under normal and prevailing circumstances, he could only abide by the law, stressing that he was not at the kgotla to tell them who their leader was. He noted that “kgosi e a tsalwa” and it is a worrisome phenomenon that nowadays it has immerged that succession disputes in bogosi are common.

In conclusion, Hon. Siele made it clear to the tribe of Bobirwa that the findings of the task force could not be released to members of the public as this could divide the tribe of Babirwa. Moreover, he edged the tribe of Babirwa to respect and honor Kgosi Malema

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