Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
The Inter-Ministerial Games have been ongoing for a number of weeks now, and according to the Games’ Coordinator at MLGRD, Mr. David Lebalelo, “the Inter-Ministerial games provide Government employees and the public with the opportunity to have some good clean fun on a Saturday.” He further availed that, “this is in line with our wellness mandate of providing fitness and fun to our employees and the public.”

In relation to how the games are progressing thus far, Mr Lebalelo availed that the games started off on a slow note, but momentum has built up and support for the games is grows with every fixture. Mr Lebalelo further noted that, “during last weeks’ round of fixtures MLGRD faced Min. of Wildlife, Environment and Tourism (MWET) and came out victorious with by winning the match 2-0. This win means that MLGRD has managed to secure a position in the quarter finals of the Inter-Ministerial Games.

With reference to the preparations for the quarter finals, Lebalelo noted that the team trains daily at the Gaborone City Council Fire Brigade Grounds, and as such MLGRD stands a good chance of winning the Inter-Ministerial games football division.

When quizzed about the challenges that the Team MLGRD is currently facing, Mr Lebalelo called upon Ministry management to support the team in anyway possible. This is said in the context that other teams have had refreshments catered for them since the start of the games, whereas MLGRD started recently. Mr Lebalelo went on to encourage all members of MLGRD staff to come and support the team on matchday

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