Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
MLG Transforms
The Ministry of Local Government has undergone another transformation. This was revealed this week by His Excellency Ian Khama to the Fourth Session of the Tenth Parliament on Monday.

In line with the commitment to working with local authorities, portfolio responsibility for the Council has been transferred from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to what shall be now known as the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, so as to reflect its now wider role.

In addition to this development, as a way to enhance community participation in rural development, His Excellency has decided to enhance the mandate and capacity of the Rural Development Council, whose secretariat will be headed at Deputy Permanent Secretary level. The Rural Development Council will be chaired by His Honour the Vice President, His Honour PHK Kedikilwe.

Turning more broadly to issues of local governance, His Excellency said that “there is a recognised need to improve performance at District level”. The recent passage of the revised Local Government Act has brought rural and urban Councils under a common framework. The creation of 5 new service centres, to provide for such things as revenue collection, social and community development, supplies, maintenance, licensing, sanitation, and bye-law enforcement has brought those services closer to people.

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