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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Independence Day Message to the Nation
Batswana betsho, today we proudly celebrate another milestone in our development and growth as a nation marking the 45th Anniversary of our independence.

1.           Batswana betsho, today we proudly celebrate another milestone in our development and growth as a nation marking the 45th Anniversary of our independence. I join all Batswana and our well wishers in celebrating this momentous occasion.

2.       As we celebrate this important day, we should pay tribute to our founding fathers, through whose vision and dedication we have been able to build our nation and achieve what today is the envy of many. It is therefore imperative we ensure that the good that we shall do during our lifetime will enhance and preserve the honour and pride we inherited from them.

3.   Since independence in 1966 we have progressively developed over the years to become a middle income country. This has been coupled with the spirit of self reliance or Ipelegeng which was so abundant during the formative years of our nation. The unity with which our founding leaders bound us together as one nation, contributed in no small measure towards attaining a united society.

4.         As a united nation with our diverse cultures and traditions, we have been able to achieve many development programs through the spirit of self reliance and volunteerism. It is rather disheartening that in the recent past this spirit of self reliance is slowly but surely waning. Where we should be working harder to attain even greater achievements through our collective selfless efforts, we seem to be engrossed in our individual desires to be paid for whatever we do, including when we are doing it for none other but ourselves. Collectively we can achieve more; I therefore wish to implore all Batswana to revive the spirit of Ipelegeng.

5.         We should also be keenly attached to our national ethos grounded in Botho as has been inherent and embedded in our society. Let us join hands with the spirit of supporting each other, of helping each other and looking after and working with each other the way we have been taught from the beginning of time. The culture of Botho should be rekindled and practised. For this has never been a more appropriate time to do so in our short history since independence.

6.         As we celebrate this important day I wish to caution you to be prudent with your financial spending as we are still recovering from the world financial recession. News of the world’s big economies likely to slide back into recession is worrisome and cannot be ignored or simply wished away. Should these economies slide back into a second recession, Botswana would inevitably also be affected.  As a government we remain focused and resilient in our resolve to steer this economic ship through these stormy financial waters with the objective of restoring our pre-recession position.

 7.         Also as a Government we must work hard to double our efforts to match the increasing demands placed on our budget. For us to achieve this, each one of us should have the required discipline to commit to one’s work to effectively deliver to the expectation of the people we serve.

 8.         For some, Independence Day celebrations involve travelling to various destinations in and outside the country. This requires preparation to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before embarking on your journey. A clear state of mind, a road worthy vehicle and exercise of common courtesy to your fellow road users will ensure a safe arrival. We as citizens are continually concerned by the high rate of accidents on our roads. I therefore wish to urge all of you to make it a happy sober celebration.

 9.         As we draw nearer to the rainy season, we should be preparing ourselves to take advantage of the first rains. I am pleased to note that our harvest has been increasing significantly over the last three years, thanks to ISPAAD. It is only through adequate preparation that we can expect to better our harvest to feed our nation and pray to God for good rains.

 10.       Let us celebrate this Independence Day peacefully not forgetting those less fortunate than us. May I wish you all a happy and safe independence celebration.


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