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Housing the Elderly
The Handa Group of Companies donates a three bedroomed House to The People's Ministry.
Blessed is the hand that giveth”. These words were said by the Hon. Assistant Minister of Local Govern­ment, Maxwell Motowane, when receiving a three bedroom house in Broadhurst donated to The Peo­ple’s Ministry by Mr. & Mrs. Handa, of Handa Group of Companies yesterday. The house which has been built to the tune of P1.5 mil­lion is to be used by elderly people around Gaborone and can accom­modate 14 people.

When accepting the house, Mr Motowane (who was seemingly in his element), quoted verse after verse from the bible and said the Handa family have fulfilled one of Vision 2016 Pillars of ‘A Compas­sionate, Just and Caring Nation. “It is marvellous that the Handa’s have availed this house to our elderly, as this gift has enhanced their (the elderly) dignity as espoused, in His Excellency road-map of the 5 Ds, namely, Dignity. Hon. Motowane added that The People’s Ministry would forever be thankful to the Handa family.

Motowane went on to note the changes that have taken place over the years regarding family structures. He said extended fami­lies have been replaced by indi­vidualism and nuclear families, a trend he says, ‘has led to our elderly being left in a vulnerable position with no one to look after them’. He reminded the well attended gath­ering that the success of this coun­try is attributable to the elderly who had laid a foundation for na­tion building and community mobilization for development.


Furthermore, he said the gov­ernment is playing a major role in the welfare of the elderly to live a dignified life. This being said, the Minister said that the Govern­ment appreciates help from other role players in the economy like the private sector. He cited elderly monthly pensions; World War II al­lowances; food basket in the form of destitute programmes and shel­ter as well as free medical assis­tance as some of the benefits en­joyed by the elderly countrywide.

During his welcoming remarks, Director of Handa Companies, Mr. Ish Handa narrated how they had always had a dream of assist­ing the elderly either financially or emotionally and thus “today we are privileged to be living our dream by handing over the keys of this house to the government of Botswana. “My wish is for this Old Age Home to be their home away from home, and added that they would continue to play part”, said Mr Handa.

In closing, another speaker Mr Satar Dada urged the youth to re­spect and care for their parents and elderly alike and not leaves everything to the Government as it alone cannot do everything. He also applauded the Handa Family for their generosity and called on the business community to assist in the development of communi­ties.

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