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RADs Hostels are underutilized in the Kgalagadi District.

Recently, the issue of aban­doned Remote Area Dwellers (RADs) hostels came into the spotlight at the National Assembly. Hon. Phillip Khwae, MP (Kgalagadi North) had asked the Minister of Local Gov­ernment if he is aware that there are buildings which were initially used by RADs as hostels in Lehutu­tu and Hukuntsi but are currently not being used, and asked if there are any plans to use these build­ings.

In his response, the Honour­able Minister, said he is aware that buildings which were initially used in Lehututu and Hukuntsi villages ceased to operate in 2006, when the new RAD hostels were opened and became operational in Hun­hukwe. He however added that there are plans in place to utilise these buildings.

To this end, a taskforce was ap­pointed to advise the Council and came up with recommenda­tions on its future use. As such the taskforce recommended that the Council facility be handed over to the Village Development Commit­tee (VDC) on behalf of the Lehu­tutu community.

The taskforce further indicated that the facility is to be handed over in its current state (dilapidat­ed) as the Council does not have funds to refurbish it. The issue is to be forwarded to the Council and sub-council management for the final decision, which is to be made in August 2011.

In the context of the Hukuntsi RAD hostels, it was intended that in 2010 the facility will temporar­ily accommodate Hukuntsi Clinic, while the new clinic premises are being constructed on the current plot. It was later realised that such RAD hostel facilities are not condu­cive for a clinic. The citing of build­ings (scattered) on the plot was perceived to be not suitable for clinic operation.

Therefore, the ministry through the Council is still establishing the possibility of utilizing the facil­ity for office accommodation and residence for officers. This will also depend on the availability of funds should the proposal be found fea­sible.

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