Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Food for Ipelegeng
The People's Ministry to feed Ipelegeng beneficiaries.

The Peoples Ministry held an annual review workshop at Oasis Motel in Gaborone on 15th to 16th February 2012. The meeting was attended by Ipelegeng Coordinators, Economic planners and District Officer Development. The two major objectives of this workshop were to review the current Ipelegeng programme (for 2011/2012 financial year) and to map a way forward.

When addressing the audience the DPS, Mr. Keaja stated that there are several challenges that impede proper implementation of the Ipelegeng Programme. This he said “Such challenges include among others, inadequate supervision of the beneficiaries-which is a major concern to the Ministry and government as a whole, collaboration with stakeholders, non meeting of the target.” He appreciated the fact that all the districts were adequately represented in this workshop therefore the challenges encountered will differ across the districts; hence the solutions will also differ.

The major issue that was discussed at length is the one on feeding of beneficiaries in which the Ministry came up with the cost of feeding of each beneficiary at the cost of fifty Pula (P50-00) per month, which translates to P2.50 per person per day. This raised a hot debate as the audience complained that P2.50 per person per day was not enough at all.

They suggested that the whole amount of P50-00 should instead be added to the salaries of the beneficiaries so that they can cook for themselves. Mr Mokotedi maintained that the decision to feed the workers has been approved and that the question is how as Local government they are going to implement it, as such; the beneficiaries will be fed in their respective sites by the respective districts.

Other issues that were tackled include the achievements of individual districts, the implementation challenges or constraints that they faced and the solutions to overcome those challenges.

Despite the audience’s debate the Ministry maintained its stand that P2.50 per person per day will be used in all the districts in order to feed the beneficiaries with a simple meal while on the site and that the implementation commences on 1st April 2012.

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