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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Doing Business in Botswana
Doing Business in Botswana

The workshop on Doing Business in Botswana, Construction permits was held on April 24th 2012 at Cresta Lodge in Gaborone. This one day workshop was officially opened by Honorable, the Minister of Local Government Mr. Peter Siele.

The purpose of the workshop was to allow exchange of logistical implementation strategies to sensitize local authorities and ensure that they are on board with the proposed reforms. In attendance were senior government officials from various ministries (Local Government; Trade an Industry; Lands and Housing; Infrastructure Science and Technology) in Botswana.

The World Economic forum in collaboration with Botswana National Productivity Centre launched the 2011/12 Global competitiveness Report which provides countrywide ranking for about 142 nations where Botswana was rated number 127.“You will agree with me that this ranking is a cause for concern as it has far reaching implications to the potential developers and subsequently the country as a whole. This was a result of a survey whose analysis shows that Botswana has 24 procedures to be fulfilled for a developer to be issued with a construction permit,” said Hon. Siele when addressing the audience.

The country’s ranking has been dropping in the past four consecutive years. Botswana has slipped down two notches in the 2012 Doing Business Report from position 52 to 54 out of the 183 countries surveyed worldwide which marks the fourth year of continuous downgrading.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry officer, Mr. Molobe, in 2010 Botswana was ranked 50th and continued to drop two places down to 52 and 54 in the following 2011 and 2012 respectively.

“This indicates that the country is still trailing behind in adopting new reforms recommendations by the World Bank, such as improving service delivery and productivity in the work place,” said Molobe. He also expressed concern at financial institution which takes a while to determine a credit worthiness of persons in need of financial assistance to start businesses, as well as trading across borders as a factor that affects competitiveness which has also been highlighted by the World Bank.

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