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Day of the Elderly
The Growing Opportunities and Challenges of Global Ageing.

The Day of the Elderly was commemorated in Serowe recently under the theme:
Launch of Madrid +10: The growing opportunities and challenges of global ageing.As such multitudes of   elderly people descended upon the Serowe main Kgotla to celebrate this day.The day was therefore characterized by song and dance which was provided by elderly people from the Central District locality.


In an interview with Batho Pele Radio, Ms. P. Nguvauva from the Old Age Pension Unit at the Department of Social Services, availed that the Day of the Elderly is aimed at teaching the nation about the challenges and rights of the elderly.

Furthermore, she   revealed that in an effort to provide a customer-based service the Department of Social Services has partnered with Botswana Post to pay Old Age Pensions, World War Veterans Allowances and Destitute Allowances. She noted that the rationale behind this partnership is that Botswana Post is all across the country and as such they are the ideal partner in this sense.

Ms. Nguvauva also urged the nation at large to remember that, the elderly demographic in our societies are finding it difficult to adapt to the rapidly changing and high paced nature of today’s society. It is in this context that she reminds all members of society to look after all elderly people where possible and refer all cases of abuse of the elderly to DSS, District   Commissioners office, Kgotla ‘s and Local Authorities.

As mentioned the commemoration of the Day of the Elderly was characterized by    elderly folk from all corners of the Central District. It is in this context that Batho Pele Radio interviewed Mr. Rraburu Sikwane about his feelings on the day. Mr. Sikwane said “I am very delighted and thankful that this day is not being celebrated in cities but rather in villages, because us old people live in villages.” He further noted that service delivery towards the elderly is smooth and it is clear that they are being recognized by the government and society.

In a separate interview another elder Mr.  Simon Pule said that, they have formed a Committee of Village Elders to ensure that all issues relating to elders are sorted out timorously and without prejudice.

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