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Our Health is our Concern

The Department of Local Government Development Planning (DLGDP) held a wellness workshop yesterday under the theme; ‘Our Health is our Concern.’ The event was attended by staff of DLGDP and two guest speakers; Mr. B. O. Ramaretlwa from G.N.L.D and Mr. E.D. Odirile from University of Botswana Business Clinic.

During the welcome remarks the Director of DLGDP, Ms. O. Modisa praised the staff for attending the event. She urged the staff to know and understand the values of the Peoples Ministry as this will position them to serve their client better efficiently and in a timely manner. This she said, “It is a good thing to be doing this noble initiative and let us all be open, learn, internalize what you are going to learn today and put it into practice.”

The Principal Policy Analyst at DLGDP, Ms. Thela stressed on stress management and employee counseling in the work place. She emphasized on of causes or sources and symptoms of stress, counseling services that one can resort to when faced with stressful conditions and ways of coping with stress. There are personal coping strategies; and organizational strategies. She availed that personal coping strategies like exercise or talking to someone helps a lot whilst organizational strategies may be changing one’s job responsibilities and providing greater opportunities.

Presenting on food and nutrition Mr. B. O. Ramaretlwa from G.N.L.D noted that living a healthy lifestyle is very crucial to our health. He said people should follow the healthy food pyramid proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore he added that exercise is very important in the pyramid and cautioned against too much intake of fats and sugars.

Mr. E.D.M. Odirile from University of Botswana Business Clinic said financial management and budgeting are very important in the long term financial safety net. He elaborated on the five steps of personal financial plan, savings and budgeting.

In the end the participants took home valuable tips on how to manage stress related situations and were urged to learn to communicate a lot about issues of concern. This promotes team work and understanding among colleagues which ultimately results in maxi¬mum results and efficiency.

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