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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Cultural Exchange Mission
Angolan delegates visits Botswana

May 4th 2012 saw the Angolan delegation from the Ministry of Territory Administration visiting our shores and had time to visit the People’s Ministry where upon they were given the regal welcome. The purpose of the visit was premised on cultural exchanges in view habits, customs, rituals, and symbols of traditions and to carry out an investigation on the impact of the cultural level on development.

The delegation consisted of the King, and the Queen mother and the Angolan Ambassador to Botswana and other members from the People’s ministry. During his welcome remarks, the Assistant Minister, Honorable Maxwell Motowane who shared the ideas between the two countries stated that there is a traditional way of governance in Botswana which covers traditional leadership both in urban and rural areas.

Motowane stated that traditional leadership and modern government can complement each other, since the salaries and accommodation of traditional leaders are from the government. On the other hand Motowane explained to the delegates the duties of traditional leaders which include the management of the villages and dispensing of justice, which in terms of cases, villagers go to their chief to be heard. Besides the duties, the Assistant minister said, “80% of cases are tried in the traditional leadership and modern government is based on gender equality while traditional leadership favors males over females.”

The leader of delegation, the Queen mother stated that, in Angola traditional leadership varies from province to province, the king and the Queen have a crown to differentiate them from the rest of the public, and they are being paid allowances. On his presentation, the Acting Director of tribal Administration Mr Moitlobo mentioned the occurrence of the village parliament commonly known as a Kgotla and traditional practices such as patlo, bogadi, bojale and other traditional ceremonies like dikgafela.

Whilst still here, the delegates visited Gaborone West Customary Court where they were welcome by the Deputy Court President Mr Mosole, who explained that Lawyers are not allowed in customary courts and some cases such as rape and murder are not the jurisdiction of the customary court. In the end it was a worthwhile experience between the two neighbouring countries especially culturally.

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