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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Concerns about The Local Government Bill
Dikgosi's concerns about the bill allayed.

Kgosi Puso Gaborone and Kgosi Letlaamoreng II have been re-elected to Ntlo ya Dikgosi as Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson respectively.
In his acceptance speech Kgosi Gaborone said his re-election calls him to serve with diligence and commitment. He called on the members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi to deliver on their mandate to ensure service delivery.

When addressing the press Kgosikgolo of Batlokwa said it is important for the government to consult with them on issues that directly affect the nation before they make decisions, as they are an advisory body to the government.

On the same breath Kgosi Gaborone said Bogosi and Ntlo ya Dikgosi should be under the same institutions so that the Ntlo ya Dikgosi can take responsibility with everything that happens with all dikgosi.

On the other hand Kgosi Letlaamoreng II said the Bogosi Act should be revised, because the Minister has a lot of powers in it which make it difficult for them to make some decisions without the consent of the Minister. He also wishes to see the roles of Bogosi increased.

On the issue of villages being turned in to townships, Kgosi Seboko said that villages which do not have mines should not be turned into townships; they should be developed so that the villagers have an opportunity to seek employment in their home villages. She said turning them into townships will create conflicts because the chief of that village will no longer be recognized, they will be court presidents who will take over the duties of Kgosi.

Other issues such as the use of the word subordinate in Part II, the members said the word is demeaning, so a different word should be used, they also sported that the word community which represents the Kgosi and the people is written in small letters while the Council and Minister is written in capital letters, Kgosi Seboko said this should be changed so that they can also be taken seriously.

When responding to questions and suggestions Hon Minister P.L Siele said the government does not have any intentions of removing Dikgosi in power, when the country develops some villages will be turned into townships but the Dikgosi will still have rights and responsibility in their villages the Minister explained.

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