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Bogosi Significant
Bogosi Significant The Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Ms Botlogile Tshireletso says the role of Bogosi is significant in every society.

Bogosi Significant

The Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Ms Botlogile Tshireletso says the role of Bogosi is significant in every society.Speaking at the inauguration ceremony for Kgosi Tjako Mpulubusi held at Mpulubusi ward in Serowe recently, Hon Tshireletso said it is a great pleasure to underpin a significant aspect of culture that has been done from way back in the day. She said history notes that boora-Mpulubusi originate from a Kalanka Tribe called Banyai ba bia pelo ba Tjumeng, adding that in Masunga village there is a large tree called dongo la Mpulubusi meaning letota laga Mpulubusi.

She noted that Kgosi Mpulubusi is a retired civil servant who worked for the Government of Botswana from 1974 until 2000, she further said Kgosi Mpulubusi held positions of Director of National Museum and Principal Tourism Officer, also he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Masters in Cultural Anthropology. Hon Tshireletso said Kgosi Mpulubusi graduated from the George Washington University in Washington D.C, USA and he contributed significantly to the formation of Mafolofolo Volley Ball Club and Botswana Volleyball Federation in 1973 and 1979 respectively.

The Assistant Minister also noted that Kgosi Mpulubusi also had a stake in the formation of Lesoso-Tholego-Ngwao Village Trust Council in Shoshong and he published 2 books and numerous articles in the 1998-2000 Botswana Atlas.She said the highlights of Kgosi Mpulubusi`s career include the listing of the Tsodilo hills as a world heritage site, establishment of Tsodilo Management Plan, the Establishment of Lekhubu Island as the first community heritage management site in Mmatshumu village and the Tsabong/Kgalagadi Camel Management Strategy, adding that he was the first Chairperson of the Shoshong Agricultural committee and currently he serves as its Technical Advisor.

The Assistant Minister noted that people must appreciate that the government has worked relentlessly to resuscitate many aspects of culture by implementing various programs to make Batswana proud of their cultural heritage which fosters national identity.Ms Tshireletso said the society is currently experiencing challenges which include disorder, unpleasant youth behaviour, unrelenting issues, land conflicts, fights over property and stock theft that are common this days, therefore there is no doubt that the Bogosi institution needs to be empowered to effectively deliver on their duties to help address the challenges.

She noted that the Government will continue to resource the customary courts and capacitate Dikgosi to ensure effective service delivery.Hon Tshireletso told the residents that Tjako made a recommendation to the delegation that Gagoope Moseki continue to hold fort for him, and she urged the people of Mpulubusi ward to give their Kgosi the respect, love and obedience he deserves.For his part Dr Jeff Ramsay, the historian told residents about the history, roots, lineage and origin of Banyai. As the country celebrate Golden Jubilee it may be noted that modern Botswana as a whole and not just communities in the north-east, has its ancient Ikalanga roots, they run deep in the soil, having nurtured their growth as a nation united and proud nation in its diversity.

Kgosi Tjako Mpulubusi said it is important for all people to appreciate their origin and tribe, adding that Ms Gagoope have been standing in for him for 10 years and he made a request to Tribal to make an arrangement that she receives his salary that was to be given to him for some years as she was not paid but she worked so hard in serving the community.


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