Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Batho Pele

Over time the Corporate Communications Unit have been introducing some developments, all in the quest to communicate what the ministry stands for, what it aspires to achieve, but most importantly, to amplify the ministry’s services through various medium.

These innovations include:


Batho Pele Magazine

This Quarterly edition covers an array of issues regarding local gov­ernment. It has also adopted the­matic route for each edition. The edition is driven by contributions on topical local government issues. It intends to promote dialogue through insightful features, inter­views, expert opinions and other avenues such as panel discussions.

Batho Pele e-Bulletin

The web-based weekly bulletin (Fridays, 1430hrs) is primarily a cur­rent affairs edition meant for the internal audience. It is informed by issues of national and internal in­terest whilst they are still fresh.

Developmental News

This refers to a contribution to the Government PR Monthly Insert in the Daily News. The articles tilt towards development programs undertaken by the Ministry, their benefits at individual level to na­tional level.

Daily News Column

This refers to a weekly column on the Daily News on Fridays that aims at explaining the Ministry’s services and products.


Batho Pele Television

This is fortnightly broadcast on Btv (Sundays, 1930hrs) in a documen­tary format that engages custom­ers and policy makers and imple­menters.

Batho Pele Radio

This is weekly broadcast on RB 1 (Thursdays, 1645hrs) addressing issues that are at the core of Local Government through giving voice to the people.



This refers to the digitization of government services, so that they can be accessed through the inter­net, in quest to improve service de­livery. This is still work in progress, along with the Ministry’s website.

Customer Care Centre

This centre is at the core of custom­er service as it deals with customer complaints and queries. Custom­ers can visit the centre or write, but most importantly, they can utilize the free toll free number. This ser­vice has been extended to the dis­tricts.

People’s Days

As a way of interacting with our customers, the Ministry through its Local Authorities hold open days where they explain services and even offer the said services in the spot.

However, these would matter less if there is no feedback. For this rea­son we implore you to be vigilant on what we put out there, because in the end, as part of MLG, it has a bearing on your name, person­ally and professionally. This calls for you to give us feedback, critique us and advice us on what needs to be improved or done differently. In an earlier edition I mentioned that each one of us is a PR Officer for the Ministry, so play your role. Be our eyes, ears, and our guiding light.

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