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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Batho Pele Tv Season Two Coming Soon
It seems like just yesterday when we were all glued to our television sets awaiting the premiere of the now famed Batho Pele TV programme, which makes up a crucial part of the Batho Pele Multimedia Initiative. Since its inception on 14 November 2011, the Batho Pele Television programme has covered a wide array of topics relating to the services offered by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development during its first season which was made up of 52 episodes.

When quizzed about Batho Pele TV, Mr Tangee Kanani- Cameraman for Batho Pele TV availed that, “the Batho Pele TV programme is mandated to sensitize the public on services offered by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) in its entirety, and to further act as a public education tool that aims to inform the citizenry about what MLGRD aspires to achieve.” To augment this, Mr Kanani revealed that through this programme MLGRD gets feedback from the public via the Batho Pele Call Centre, and as such the Call Centre directs clients to where they can get assistance relating to the content of the aired programme.

When asked about the challenges faced by the Television unit, Mr Kanani noted that “the major challenge that hinders our progress is the issue of a lack of staff, which is a major concern as we end up not covering some events.” In addition to this, he further availed that, “despite these challenges we managed to persevere and aired all the 52 episodes in accordance with our broadcast contract with Botswana Television and our content encompassed clips from the whole country.”

As a parting shot Mr Kanani availed that, as a way of moving forward Batho Pele TV intends to do follow-ups on the previous 52 episodes aired in season one. The rationale behind this is to find out whether the programmes that have been aired have had a positive impact on the quality of life of Batswana, and whether the citizenry have benefited from them. He added that there will also be a change in the title sequence and theme music.

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