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Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Affirmative Action for RADS
Remote communities mostly affected by poverty.

Following the Revised Area Development Programme of 2009 that provides broad strategies aimed at uplifting members of the remote area settlements, the Presidential directive CAB 39(B) 2010 has directed that an affirmative action oriented plan on RADP be developed.

At a consultative workshop on RADP, Hon. Assistant Minister Tshireletso revealed that remote area communities continue to be most affected by poverty in the country and are increasingly becoming dependent on welfare support from the state.  This is despite various interventions and initiatives that the Government has devised to complement the noble objectives of the Remote Area Development Programme and other existing national economic empowerment programmes. 

In light of this, Government, through Cabinet directed that a Comprehensive Plan of Affirmative Action be developed for the Remote Area Communities specifically.  “The Affirmative Action document will be presented to Cabinet in due course after input from Ministries and independent departments, she said. 
The purpose of the affirmative action, which will be implemented over a period of ten years, is an attempt to promote equal opportunities for remote area communities. It has been instituted by Government to ensure that the remote area communities are included in all national programmes by addressing all identified imbalances and improving their livelihoods. The Minister however said that after ten years the programme will be phased out with the expectation that all the remote area settlements graduate to the standards of other mainstream villages.

The Objectives of the workshop were to:-
• Consult implementers of Remote Area Development Programme on issues for consensus building,
• Strategize on emerging issues affecting the Remote Area Development Programme
• Map the way forward on key issues of destitute housing, Education, Employment, Poverty Eradication and marketing of crafts and products from remote areas communities.

PS Khumomatlhare implored all sectors within the community to ensure the implementation of affirmative action, though the programme shall be coordinated by the Ministry.  He appealed for all stakeholders to share ownership and take responsibility for implementing activities that fall under their portfolios for the RADP to achieve its objectives.

In conclusion the Minister told the district leadership that their role is critical in ensuring that all aspects of the Affirmative Action plan, especially those affecting our Ministry, are followed and implemented vigorously.  “You need to move with a sense of urgency if we are to make the desired impact on the lives of remote area communities.  You need to take personal interest on all matters of RADP in your respective districts.”

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