Ministry of Local Government (MLG)
Primary Health
Primary Health Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Roles of M&E Officers in the Districts?

  • To assist DMSACs and DPHs in monitoring and evaluating all Primary Health Care programs and projects at District level.
  • To assist the Districts in facilitating and conducting operational research.

2. Why should researchers intending to conduct research at Local Facilities have to go through MLG Research Unit even after acquiring Research permit from MoH?

  • The MoH Research Committee assesses ethical issues only and not the technical ones.
  • Local facilities are under the jurisdiction of MLG and hence MoH cannot offer authorization to access these facilities and information.

3. What does the DPHCS M&E Unit monitor and evaluate since the Department doesn’t own any Programs?

  • The M&E Unit in the DPHCS monitors all programs that are implemented by the department.

4. Who is supposed to fund HIVIAIDS activities for the various Government Departments in the districts?

  • Government departments in the districts are funded by their line ministries.

5. What is DMSAC?

  • A committee responsible for coordination of implementation of HIV/AIDS  programs at district  level.

6. Who is responsible for the DMSACS in the Ministry?

  • The HIV/AIDS Coordination Division under the Department of Primary Health Care services in MLG.

7. What is the role of environmental Health officers in the districts?

  • Prevention of disease occurances through  ensuring proper  waste management, inspection of business premises, vector control(spraying of pests such as coackroaches, fleas, etc).

8.What is the difference between The Division of Environmental & Occupational Health in MOH and EHD in MLG?

  • The MOH EHD develops policies, standards and legislation on Environmental Health issues while MLG drive their implementation.

9. What do I do with clinical waste which is at home?

  • Your local clinic is suppose to provide you with red bags and/or sharps containers into which waste is to be place. Arrangements  should be made to have the clinic collect the waste from your homes.
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