Ministry of Local Government (MLG)

The Ministry of Local Government is a massive, unique and intricate Ministry that oversees 16 subsidiary, semi-autonomous Local Authorities that are divided into Town, City and District Councils as well as the District and Tribal Administrations. These institutions facilitate development programmes at local level and foster local democracy and governance while also promoting social welfare and economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

It is the Ministry of Local Government’s role to ensure efficient operation of these institutions through policy direction, administrative support services, financial resources, capacity building and supervision including provision of basic physical and social infrastructure such as rural water provision, primary health care services, education and roads.


To deliver effective local governance, social services, social protection and basic infrastructure by creating an enabling environment for improvement of the quality of lives of Batswana.


Excellence in local governance and social service provision.


  • Botho

We are committed to be compassionate, courteous, selfless and respectful, and to be prompt in dealing with our customers.

  • Integrity

We are committed to be honest, truthful and trustworthy, walk the talk and talk the talk and be authentic in our dealings with our customers/ stakeholders.

  • Commitment

We commit to be dedicated, devoted and loyal to our customers

  • People Centred 

We are committed to be responsive to the needs of the customer, consult with stakeholders, involve communities in making decisions, working as a team, consulting and commitment in our work.

  • Empowerment 

We will continue to decentralise decision making and resources.

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