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Ministry of Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services
Planning permission is a requirement for any development of land irrespective of ownership. To acquire planning permission, an application is lodged with the responsible planning authority operating in the area/settlement where the development of land is to take place.
Steps towards granting of planning permission:
  • Receipt and registration of the application which includes the location map, site plan and any other sketches and diagrams providing additional information about the proposal.
  • Examination of plans to check conformity with all planning regulations.
  • Consultation with all the relevant departments within the responsible local authority and other authorities depending on the nature of the proposal.
  • Consideration of the application by the Physical Planning Committee.
  • Referral to the Town and Country planning Board (TCPB) with recommendations for all applications as outlined below:
    • Type A developments referred to TCPB

      • Type A developments are proposals that conform to approved development plan and/or development control code and/or a draft development plan of any part of the planning areas.
    • All subdivisions
    • Tree preservations and special buildings preservation
    • All other applications for development which do not conform to the development plan, the development code and other regulations
    • Change of land use
    • Proposals that are considered of large scale
      • More than 20 dwelling units
      • A commercial development with a floor area of more than 500m2
      • An industrial development with a floor area of more than 1, 000m2
      • A single use of land greater than 10 hectares
  • Registration of the applications for discussion in the pre-board meetings where technical issues are clarified and resolved and recommendations are made before the proposals are finally considered by the TCPB.
  • Consideration of the applications by the TCPB
  • The decisions of the TCPB are then submitted to the Minister for final decision.
  • The decisions of the TCPB are subjected to a 14 days allowance period in which they can be varied by the minister.
  • The decisions of the TCPB on the application are not to be revealed to the applicant and they only come into force when the 14 days period has elapsed.
  • The Secretary of the Board then has to notify the applicant in writing about the decisions taken on the development proposal (application).
  • In the event that the applicant is aggrieved by the decision of the TCPB could appeal to the Minister,
  • The Minister in turn will make the final decision on the appeal with the advice of the professionals and this cannot be challenged further in any court.
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