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Ministry of Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services
Land Adjudication

(a) Service Description

 Hearing and determination of appeals emanating from decisions of the Land boards therefore adjudication service is provided and the consequent products thereto are judgment and court orders.

 (b) How does customer obtain the service?

 The client must approach the Land Tribunal to register their case

 (c) How does customer apply for the service?

1. A person aggrieved by the decision of the Land Board must do the following to start to appeal: -Submit letter of appeal stating grounds of appeal together with the decision of the Land Board within four (4) Months of receipt.

2. Submit particulars of the appellant: Full Names, Physical address, Postal Address, Telephone number, Plot number, Cell phone number, Email Address, Certified copies of ID.

 3. Submit particulars of respondents and their contacts and provide a list of witnesses if any.

 4. Submit sketch plan indicating location of the land in dispute.

5. Pay P 10.00 (ten pula) registration fee.

 6. Submit a proof of legal personality e.g. constitution if the appellant is society/ syndicate/ partnership/ trust, a certificate of incorporation and resolution if the appellant is a company.

 7. All documents should be submitted in triplicate.

 (d) Cost involved in obtaining the service? One has to pay P 10.00 (ten pula) registration fee

 (e) More information can be obtained from; Land Tribunal- Gaborone, Private Bag 00211, Gaborone. Telephone ; +267 3904711/ Palapye, Private Bag 10318, Palapye. Telephone; +267 4920263


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