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Ministry of Lands and Housing
Did you know: Aim of Land Registration on tribal land is to have information on who owns what, where and for what purpose so that land that has not been allocated can be allocated to other Batswana in need of land.
This is to enable effective and efficient land administration for successful socio-economic development of the nation.
In preparation for the land registration exercise, the public is advised
- To demarcate plots as per allocated measures
- To have visual markings on their plots
- To use land in accordance with land use plans
For information on where the Land Boards are adjudicating this year and when they will be at your village, kindly call your nearest Land Board.
Vision, Mission, Values
Management of land and delivery of housing for socio economic development
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The Ministry of Lands and Housing is responsible for the management of land and related functions as well as the facilitation of housing delivery.

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