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Ministry of Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services

In October 2016 the Government took a decision to restructure Ministries and the Ministry of Land Management, Water & Sanitation Services was created. The mandate of the now Ministry is to ensure, “proper land administration and management to facilitate socio-economic development through land servicing. Furthermore ensures delivery of water and re-use of grey water for both domestic and agricultural development.

The Ministry is tasked to execute duties as follows;

  • Ø Management and administration of land in both urban and rural areas.
  • Ø Provision of water for human consumption and all sectors of the economy
  • Ø Provision and management of Sanitation Services
  • Ø Water Infrastructure development
  • Ø Trans-boundary Water Resources Management and negotiations
  • Ø Water Management
  • Ø Policy development
  • Ø Provision of services and information on cadastral surveying, mapping and remote sensing that lay the foundation for physical planning
  • Ø National physical planning, which involves determination of optimal utilization and proper management and development of land.
  • Ø Land Policy Development

 Ø Provision of services and information on cadastral surveying, mapping and remote sensing

  • Ø Provision of service infrastructure to facilitate land development;
  • Ø Adjudication of land disputes

 The Ministry discharges its duties through nine departments, 12 Land Boards and one (1) parastatal as outlined below: 

  • Department of Town & Country Planning
  • Department of Surveys and Mapping
  • Department of Technical Services/PMO
  • Department of Water Affairs
  • Department of Lands
  • Deeds Registry
  • Land Tribunal
  • Corporate Services 


  • Water Utilities Corporation 


  • Ngwato Land Board
  • Malete Land Board
  • Tlokweng Land Board
  • Rolong Land Board
  • Chobe Land Board
  • Tati Land Board
  • Kweneng Land Board
  • Kgalagadi Land Board
  • Ghanzi Land Board
  • Ngwaketsi Land Board
  • Kgatleng Land Board
  • Tawana Land Boards
Vision, Mission, Values
Management of land and delivery of housing for socio economic development
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The Ministry of Lands and Housing is responsible for the management of land and related functions as well as the facilitation of housing delivery.

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