Women's Grant

What is Women's Grant

Women's Grant is  a Government's initiative to help women groups with seed money to start their own income generation projects. These grants accomodate men provided they are part of  women groups.

How to get these Grants

These grants are avialable to a minimum groups of  5 persons and a maximum of 10 persons. In each group the number of  women should be more than that of men. 

How much money can a group get for a project

Each group can be assisted with a maximum of Two hundred and fifty thousand Pula only(P250 000.00).

Where to apply.

Groups may apply in any nearest Gender Affairs Office. Please  down load the guidelines for more information.

For more information call 3912290 or Ministry Call Centre at 0800600777.


Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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