Change of Name

What is required to get this service?

Certified copies of the following documents in respect of the applicant, should be submitted (as may be applicable) with application forms.

  • Marriage Certificate or letter/certificate from customary authorities in   case of customary marriage (on the marriage of applicant’s parents).
  • Birth certificate of Affidavit of Birth.
  • School/Academic Certificates.
  • Omang
  • Passport (page 1 & 2)
  • Any other legal documents

How much does this service cost?


 How long does it take to change a name?

Sixty Nine  (69) days.

Where can I get this service?

Any Civil and National Registration (Omang) District Office.

Who do I contact for this service?

Department of Civil and National Registration

Tel: 361 100/1400/ 1465

Toll free number: 0800 600 777

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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