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Apprenticeship Training

What vocations/trade/ occupations can be applied for testing?

  • Auto Mechanics (AM)
  • Auto Electric (AE)
  • Architectural Draughting (AD)
  • Bricklaying & Plastering (BP)
  • Borehole Mechanic (BM)
  • Carpentary & Joinery (CJ)
  • Cabinet Making (CM)
  • Chef (CF)
  • Dressmaking (DM)
  • Electrical (EL)
  • Heavy Plant Mechanic (HPM)
  • Instrumentation Mechanic (IM)
  • Maintenance Fitting (MF)
  • Machine Fitting (FM)
  • Panel Beating & Spray Painting (PBSP)
  • Painting & Decorating (PD)
  • Pipe Fitting (PF)
  • Plumbing (PL)
  • Power Plant Operator (PPO)
  • Refridgeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic (RAM)
  • Waiter (WT)
  • Welding & Fabrication (WF)

Requirements for entry into Apprenticeship Training

  • BGCSE/Equivalent
  • Junior Certificate
  • Standard 7 certificate with a trade or Equivalent.
  • Minimum age for apprenticeship is 16 years.
  • Medical examination is required.

Sponsoring Comapny

On the job training apprenticeable vocation 

How do I appy?

Fill in the Application for Apprenticeship Training Form

Attach the following documents to the application form

  • Certified copies of Omang
  • Three (3)  copies of the contract  of apprenticeship
  • Yellow copy of the Medical Certificate Form MTTC 3-4-12/87.

Submit the completed for along with the above metioned documents to:

Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

Directorate of Apprenticeship and Industrial Training

Private Bag 00267


Or hand deliver them at;

Plot 18006

Machel Drive


Tel: 00267 360 9100

Fax: 00267 3956314

Email: mttc@gov.bw

How much does it cost  to apply for this course?

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