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Application for Replacement of a Lost Permit

Service description

Application for replacement of a lost permit

Who qualifies for this service?

  • All expatriates who has lost a work permit.

What does it take to apply for the service?

  • Statement/Affidavit from the police stating how the permit got lost or damaged.
  • Copy of the lost permit (if available).
  • Cover letter to the regional office.
  • If one is an employee, your employer should write the letter for you confirming you are still employed by the company.
  • If one is a director, a fellow director should write the letter for you confirming that you still work with them in the company.
  • Both letters must include the physical address and contact numbers.
  • Submit a letter from them confirming that they are still employed by the company.
  • Applicant should fill in a duplicate form (Form no.6) at the regional office.
  • Forms should then be submitted to the nearest Regional Labour office.

What do I need to apply for the service as an employee?

  • 2 passport size photos for submission to the Labour office.
  • An extra 2 passport size photos are required for submission at the Immigration office if applicant has also lost their residence permit.

How much does it cost to apply for this service?

  • Replacement fee of: P1500

How long does it take to get a renewal of a work permit ready?

  • 30 working days after the date of application.

Where can I get the forms for work permit?

  • At any Labour office in the country near you.

Who do I contact for this service?

Department of Labour and Social Security

Private Bag 0072

Tel: 361 1500

Toll Free: 0800 600 777

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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