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  • Fully completed immigration supplementary form 1(by applicant)
  • Applicant's certified copies of passport pages (showing validity, photograph & history)
  • Two (2) recent coloured passport size photos
  • Covering letter from the host
  • Certified  copy of host's national identity / residence & work permit/exemption certificate
  • Certified copies of trade license, certificate of incorporation, share certificate of host if operating a business (except for tourists)
  • If previously applied for visa please attach the copy of the outcome
  • Employment/business -relevant information /documents are required (offer /invitation letter, contract and confirmation  of employment including relevant qualifications)
  • If coming by road please specify on the covering letter & include (address and contacts of the host)
  • Travel / flight itinerary / bookings

NB:All those using emergency travel documents should first verify if they require visas to visit Botswana even if they appear on the list of visa exempted countries.

Who qualifies for this service?

Foreign nationals who require a visa for Botswana

  • Countries which require a visa for Botswana
  • Commonwealth countries which require a visa for Botswana (Cameroon, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan)

NB: Passport will be needed to provide this service


Visitors visa

  • Cost: For 3 months and below - P1000
  •            For more than 3 months to 2 years - P1500
  • Sworn statement / affidavit from the host (personal appearance of the host for oath)
  • A copy of hotel / lodge bookings or residential address of the host
  • Copies of marriage / birth certificate -(spouse / dependents)
  • Certified copies of  ordination certificates for religious leaders
  • Return visa or residence permit from country of residence
  • Copies of admission letters and / or study permit for children of residents schooling outside Botswana

Business visa

  • Cost :P1500
  • Business profile if coming to establish business
  • Labour exemption certificate if coming for a month or more
  • Meeting schedule (if coming to attend or organize meeting)
  • Confirmation of employment / release letter from the employment

Employment visa

  • Cost:P1000
  • Waiver from the department of Labour or copies of work and residence permits
  • Employment offer letter or confirmation of employment

Investors visa

  • Cost : P1500
  • Copies of work and residence permits
  • Certificate of incorporation, trade license, share certificate and list of directors
  • Financial statement

Tourists visa

  • Cost :P500
  • Tour plan or copy of travel schedule
  • Hotel bookings

Study visa

  • Cost: P500
  • Admission letter
  • Financial confirmation(source of income for the school fees)
  • Study permit
  • Visa from country of residence

Transit visa

  • Cost: P500
  • Company / individual letter
  • Return visa or proof of residence and visa for country of destination

Diplomatic and Official Visa

  • Cost : Free of charge

NB:Copies of all required documents should be certified by relevant authorities.  Documents of identification and original payment receipt is needed during collection.All copies should be certified and contact numbers clearly outlined in the application forms and letters.

How long does it take to get a visa?

  • It takes 7 - 14 days after the date of application

Where can I get the forms  for visa?

  • Immigration offices
  • Botswana Embassies/Consulates at


Where do I get more information?

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Tell: 3611300/27/44

Toll free:0800 600 777

or Botswana Embassies or Consulates at:










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