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Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs (MLHA)
A completed VISA Application Form 1 ( VISA Application Form
  • Applicant's certified copy of Passport (showing validity and photograph of bearer)
  • Two recent coloured passport size photos
  • Covering letter from host in Botswana
  • A certified copy of host's national identity/residence permit/work permit/exemption certificate/naturalization certificate
  • A copy of previously issued VISA
  • Certified copies of relevant qualifications except visitors and tourists
  • Travel schedule/flight itinerary/bookings
  • Letter of confirmation of employemnet /contract of employemnt or offer letter
  • Who qualifies to get this service?

    Foreign nationals who require a visa to enter the Republic of Botswaana

    • Countries which require a visa for Botswana
    • Commonwealth countries which require a visa for Botswana (Cameroon,Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan)
    • Countries which Do Not require visa for Botswana (See attachment )

    NB: Passport will be required to rpovide this service.



    • Sworn statement from the host in Botswana (personal appearance of the host at any Immigration office to fill the affidavit)
    • A copy of hotel/lodge bookings or state residential address where applicant will be staying
    • Copies of certified marriage and/or birth certificate(where applicable)
    • Certified copies of ordination certificate for religious leaders
    • Return ticket or proof of residence from the country of residence


    • Business profile if coming to establish a business
    • Certified copies of ordination certificate for religious leaders
    • Labour exemption certificate if coming for a month or more
    • Meeting schedule(if coming to attend or organize a meeting)


    • Waiver from Department of Labour and Social Security or copies of work and residence permites
    •   Employment offer letter/confirmation of employment


    • Copies of work and residence permits
    •  Certificate of incorporation, trade license, share certificate, list of directors
    • Bank statement 


    • Tour plan or copy of travel schedule
    • Hotel bookings

    All copies should be certified and contact numbers clearly outlined in the application forms and letters. 

    How much does this cost? 

    A non-refundable fee of P500. 00 per apllicant 

    How long does it take to get a VISA?

    It takes 7 - 14 days after the date of application

     Where can I get the forms for VISA?

    • Immigration offices
    • Botswana Embassies/Consulates at:


    Where do I get more information?

    Department of Immigration and Citizenship

    Tell 361 1300/27

    Toll Free: 0800 600 777

    or Botswana Embassies or Consulates at:



    Service Branches:
    You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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