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The Government of Botswana recognises challenges faced by women and continues to seek better ways to empower them. Government has as such prioritised Women’s Economic Empowerment which forms the basis of their liberation.

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs which is responsible for Gender has been tasked with the Promotion of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. To this end, the Ministry implements the Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme which is aimed at creating jobs and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and income generation.

Through active engagement with the Public, the Ministry continues to receive feedback on the Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme. 

The Public is therefore informed that the Ministry ofLabour and Home Affairs has reviewed the minimum income of beneficiaries from P500.00 to P1 000.00.Financial ceilings remain the same as follows:

a)  An individual beneficiary will be funded up to One Hundred Thousand Pula (P100 000.00).


b)  Group of two members will be funded up to Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pula (P250 000.00).


c)   Group of three or more members will be funded up to Three Hundred Thousand Pula (P300 000.00).


d)  Community project and Cooperatives with a minimum of 10 members will be funded up to Five Hundred Thousand Pula (P500 000.00).


In addition, Application Forms have been translated into Setswana and will be available to Members of the Public.


The above changes will effect from 1stJuly, 2016.




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