Medium Sized Grants


The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs in collaboration with the European Union launched the Grants Scheme Calls for proposal. These calls for proposals are geared  towards supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to carry out development  interventions targeting  various  communities  and supporting  policy  planning  and strategy  development. The grants scheme targets specific sectors for cooperation such as Education, Social Services in particular targeting orphans and vulnerable children, Environment, Women Empowerment and Arts and Culture.

All potential applicants are invited to submit proposals for Medium Sized Grants.

The deadline for submission of applications is 20 October 2016 at 1200hrs.

 Read through the following documents before applying

Guidelines for Applicants - MSG

MSG  Information sessions Indicators

MSG Information Session Proposal and Log Frame


The below  are  forms  for  Medium   Grant   Application


ANNEX A - Proposal format – MSG

ANNEX B - Budget format – MSG

ANNEX C - Logical Framework – MSG

ANNEX D – Checklist – MSG

ANNEX E - Declaration by the applicant – MSG

ANNEX F - Declaration by the co-applicant – MSG

Annex G - The Applicant – MSG

ANNEX H - The Co-Applicant(s)

Guidelines for Applicants - MSG

For more information please contact Ms Mogametsi Matengwa at 3611486/3611490






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